T. Nigro Art Studio | Cape Cod, MA
Phone: (917)282-9462 Email: info@tnigroart.com

Thomas Nigro is an accomplished artist, craftsman, martial arts master, and professional chef. He is the founder of T. Nigro Studio, a working gallery which showcases his diverse works of aboriginal inspired art.

Born and raised in NYC, Thomas graduated from Manhattan College in the Bronx, during which time he trained and studied jujitsu and karate under Grand Master Jonathan Stewart. Thomas is a certified instructor and black belt in "Stewart's American Martial Arts System" (SAMAS) and recipient of numerous awards and commendations in the field of martial arts. While both training in and teaching the SAMAS system, Sensei Thomas Nigro traveled the world and participated in numerous exhibitions and seminars throughout Europe.

He lived in Poznan, Poland in the 1990's establishing a SAMAS chapter there. While abroad, Thomas encountered a vast and varied art culture which greatly influences his current work and approach to art and life. Upon returning to the States, Thomas enrolled in culinary school and upon graduation was employed in some of NYC's premier restaurants, including La Caravelle and Fluer de Sel, performing chef duties of every level.

After several years in the hectic kitchens, Thomas chose a more serene life path. He moved to Cape Cod, Ma, which he now calls home. It is here that he embraced his true calling: creating unique works of art. Cape Cod's motivating energy has led him on his current path of art development. He generally paints with acrylics on canvas and wood, often using recycled and reclaimed materials. He has received acclaim and awards for his art, and his works are found in private collections throughout the US, South America, Australia, and Europe.

Artist Statement

I must paint. I must create. Days when I cannot do this are days in which I have not followed my life calling and therefore days lost. As I have gotten more "mature" this thought is stronger and the need to create greater, I must do art, it is who I am.

My works develop organically, first with a basic idea, which I sketch quickly on any handy scrap of paper. This idea is then enlarged and developed in my mind, as well as on paper. Once I am able to see a "real" outline of design I sketch this onto my "canvas." Now, for me, the enjoyment begins as colors and design elements begin to form in front of me. Rarely, if ever, do I have colors and internal design elements predetermined, they develop as the piece grows. As the work comes to life it speaks, telling me what colors and elements are required. It decides. And at some point with each of my pieces I feel an emptiness, it is when it ceases communicating to me and I know then my work is done and the piece is complete. It is here that it begins to speak to others. What you see when you look at my art is between you and the piece, if it is speaking to you, you will know it.